Bourbon & Barbeque, Louisville. A Clandestine Event.  

Waterfront Park - Bourbon & Barbeque, Louisville

Want to put all your marketing and personal skills to the test? Throw a huge event, states away, with a short lead time. We’re doing just that. 

I’ve had the privilege of connecting with the amazing team at Clandestine Events + Experiences out of Austin, TX to assist in what they do best. They make magic happen. They’re the Life of Your Party! Collectively we’re tasked with putting together a festival of food, drink, and entertainment that is wholly Louisville. We’ve teamed with local non-profit partners to match a collection of more than 20 nationally recognized barbeque pitmasters  with as many more bourbon distillers of world renown to host Bourbon & Barbeque, Louisville.  Together they will offer a chef’s kiss of perfectLy paired dishes and drinks that speak to the uniqueness that is Louisville, KY. 

Through site visits, local involvement, and generous product sampling ;)… we’re combining a mix of digital presence, social outreach and syndication to quickly get the word out about this amazing real-world experience that Clandestine is putting together. Look for everything from live music to a fully programmed education pavilion to complement the food and drink and for the REAL experience, make sure you go VIP. Our team and sponsors are going all out to make every minute of Bourbon & Barbeque, Louisville the first of what will become the go-to annual event on the Waterfront. 

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