Ok Nicole. We see you.

Hurricane Nicole

After a whirlwind week last week, capped off by a cross-country road trip to deliver my Golden Retriever, Gordo to his new home, i was greeted with a hurricane warning. Ahhh, Florida.

Nicole didn’t seem too angry but she was pointed right at us. After last month’s near miss with Hurricane Ian, we still took no chances, secured our house and helped where we could with family and friends and picked up a big bottle of Rum… just in case. Turns out, we did it right.

Hurricane Nicole

That eye shot is right over our house. Nailed it. We were both prepared and lucky. The house was recently remodeled and built like a bunker. Storm windows, roof, and doors held up fine. I slept through her midnight arrival. We even had power when I woke up. Not so much with internet but that was restored later in the morning. We’ve since cleaned the yard, cleared the hot tub, and started cleaning the pool, but not before a beach walk to see what was left.

Some of our neighbors lost trees, fences, signs, kayaks, etc. but nothing too major in our little neighborhood. One of our favorite restaurants was leveled a little north of us though, so some were definitely not so lucky as us.

We’ll be cleaning through the weekend and helping where we can. We hope all our Space Coast neighbors are doing well and please let me know if you need anything. Now we’re just hoping this doesn’t further delay Artemus. 😬


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