I’m Jay Thornton. I’ve spent the last 12 years in Northwest Arkansas, dreaming up ways to better communicate with people using the right mix of creativity, technology, and style.

Sometimes it’s as complicated as a multimedia, cross-channel marketing campaign, focused at shoppers, mothers, or any number of subsets and demographics, all measured for ROI, brand recall, or user adoption.

Still yet, from time to time you’ve just got to show up & make a personal connection to get to the root of what drives a person to make a decision. In those times, I like to go native. Breathe a culture in and collect a small part to keep with me always.

In this spirit of exploration, communication, and curiosity, I put together new ideas, products, & people worldwide to make meaningful connections across cultural & commercial barriers.

Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.
-Gustav Flaubert