Refocusing due to Pandemic & an exciting new chapter.

So it’s been a pandemic since I posted last and a lot has gone down. No, we didn’t stop exploring entirely. It turns out, most of the world is cleaner than our fine Untied States, but that’s another conversation all together. Travel did slow with boarder closings and such, and focus definitely shifted through these trying months to keeping the new restaurant afloat, working with clients to keep their wheels spinning, and adjusting overall focus to new projects revolving around remote work, emerging tech, & new locations.

…oh, and we bought a beach house to start our AirBnB empire. Stay tuned for details there & cheers from Melbourne Beach!


Islands are Calling!

We’re getting ready for the next exploration run to bring the best tastes from abroad back to Northwest Arkansas. This time around, it’s St. Kitt’s and Nevis to visit the Brinley Shipwreck Rum distillery! I’ve had the pleasure of sampling their products in the islands previously and in South Florida, which is the closest I’ve seen it sold, in the US. I’m looking forward to meeting the Brinley family and learning all about their great product line. Fingers crossed we’ll be able to bring it back exclusively to Wellington’s & the Reserve!

And then… we sail!

After the distillery tour and island exploration we’re off for a little personal time in Antigua with Tradewinds. Really looking forward to a week with these guys.

Places Updates

The Wellington’s Project

Admittedly, it’s been a minute since I’ve visited this page. I guess it’s time to explain why. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you my latest project; Wellington’s and The Reserve.

Wellington’s and The Reserve are the brain child of four local entrepreneurs who were looking for a better lounge, cigar & whiskey bar, and restaurant in the area. The other partners and I have pulled inspiration from favorite venues and locales worldwide and are about to offer Northwest Arkansas a taste of something entirely different. Premium whiskeys, cigars, and top notch food for an entirely greaseless kitchen.

Construction and inspections are almost completed and we’ll be announcing our opening date very soon. Visit the website, join the mailing list, and be among the first to know of our grand opening.


We are here to laugh at the odds and live our lives so we’ll that death will tremble to take us.

Charles Bukowski

Barnacles & Rum

It sounds like a pirates life to me! @Dictador_Brands of Cartegena, Colombia has taken an interesting spin on the aging process for sure. See what @MasterofMalt has to say about it:

Just one question… Who’s coming with me?


Hello world!

Why mess with tradition? The title stays!

I’ve set up this platform as my own little soap box to discuss what I’m working on, what I’ve learned, & why I do the things I do. The road blocks I stumble upon and the subtle nuances of navigating this varied business world will hopefully provide some learning for anyone searching similar interests.