Enter the Ghost Chain Society

Ghost Chain Society

In recent months, I’ve redirected focus across the crypto space and firmly into NFT’s, smart contracts, and most recently, the Ghost Chain Society, a new and unique CNFT project with a great story, gaming elements, and some fantastic artwork.

What drew me to the project initially, pun intended, was that the project was placed on the Cardano blockchain. Having worked in and around the NFT space for a while, the Ethereum blockchain and its excessive gas fees were becoming tiresome to say the least. ADA doesn’t have those pesky fees and transfers are remarkably affordable. Now comes the setup.

CNFT Wallet

Step one, set up a place to do business in the CNFT space. I started with Daedalus. After an install and a long run at the first connection, I decided it used too many resources on my little MacBook Pro running Adobe CS, and made a move.

I chose Eternl, formerly CC Vault, a Lightweight Cardano Community Wallet with an app, chrome extension, and a fairly simple interface. To date, I’ve moved coin to and from & purchased CNFTs, and am pretty happy with it all. Check it out. If you’ve got a better one, I’m all ears. Comment below.

Partnership via Twitter… what?

Once I got into Ghost Chain Society and bought enough cards for a solid game of poker, I really got into the story behind each of the card characters and found myself sharing and promoting for them just from the interest I’d gained in the project. I must have moved the needle a little as one day I got a tweet from the partners asking if I’d like to join them. Uh… yeah.

My knowledge of NFTs and the space comes from other projects I’m currently working on and my social media marketing knowledge is decades long, so I jumped in with both feet. We’re planning some really fun projects and the artwork, strategy, & roadmap are really coming together well. We’re all really excited about it all.

You can learn a lot about the project via the website or as always, real-time updates can be found on their twitter. Follow them for specifics & follow me for the rest.

Ready to get involved? It’s super easy and really affordable, just 39ADA per card. Join the Discord & follow on Twitter for ways to win ADA, CNFTs, & more. We’ve got poker games all week! Sold on it and ready to mint? Just click the image below!

Mint Ghost Chain Society Now!
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