Pixels to Products to NFT’s, All For Sale

Recently I was asked to join a project combining art, crypto, wearable tech, and non-fungible tokens, so naturally, I was all in. Meet Lucyd Eyewear, the latest in wearable tech by way of bluetooth sunglasses and bone conductor technology, bringing music to your ears without isolating you from the world around you.

I was tapped to become a Lucyd Legend, producing one-off, themed editions of the classic Lucyd Lyte sunglasses, based around how we use the glasses in the real world. Naturally, mine tend to have a beach / blue water theme. My first is called “To The Moon”, inspired by my time on the Space Coast of Melbourne Beach, FL.

As Legends, we concept and develop unique boxes, included materials, & even customize the frames to fit our unique designs and styles. Once done, we’ve got a pretty cool little package with a great product, but that’s where the fun is just beginning.

Lucky recipients of these bluetooth sunglasses also receive an NFT based on the artwork and the artist involved to do with as they please. Pretty decent, right? Take a look. Google NFT, and check out Lucyd. Let me know what you think!

Curious about NFTs? Check out my profile on Rarible. I’m working on a new collection as we speak.

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