Is your brand dope?

29th May 2015

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Is your brand dope?

Today's post from The Phat Startup.

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Branding is key to winning new customers and opportunities. Having a good personal brand could land you a job. Having a great business brand will make people trust you. But, for some reason people think just because they got a fly logo on their Twitter profile the branding is complete. Nope!

Here is how to know you have a DOPE brand:

  1. You are consistent - No matter what you are selling, or doing people know that they can expect you to deliver. Being consistent and persistent leads to opportunities. They say genius is just persistence in disguise.

  2. You are passionate - You love what you do. It will show in the products and experiences you create for people. The job doesn't get easier, it gets harder. When you run out of gas, passion becomes the fuel source.

  3. You are unique - You are not trying to be like anyone else. This part is easy if you are just being yourself, and bringing that element to your brand. No two people are alike. It's OK to be influenced by another brand, but copying is a no go. Nas told us "no ideas original, there's nothing new under the sun / its never what you do, but how it's done."

  4. You have knowledge - Knowledge reigns supreme over nearly everyone (That's KRS-One). The more you know about your market, the better. Learn your market, be your market, teach your market.

  5. You are hungry - If you have a great idea or niche, then you most likely have competitors. You should be constantly figuring out ways to give your brand the edge. Competition keeps you on your toes.

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